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Lean on Me - Shattered Hearts book 1

Three years ago, Max’s life exploded. Since then, he’s perfected the art of being more than ok, of excelling at everything he puts his mind to. His overwhelming need to be independent, despite the horrific consequences of a military incident, keeps him from taking chances. He’s chosen to be alone, but he didn’t know he would feel so lonely.

Simon has lusted after Max from afar, convinced he’d scare Max away with his caretaking tendencies and need for connection. But Max’s vulnerability and injuries are an obsession he just can’t shake.

What starts out as a smoking hot encounter in the men’s bathroom could have the potential to become more. But only if they can navigate crippling fear, forced secrets, and a hidden enemy.

If they want a chance at happiness, Max must realize that needing someone isn’t a weakness, and that Simon has his own secrets he must keep. But even that may not be enough when the secret Simon has been harbouring comes out.

Lean on me is a 75K steamy MM romance between a stubbornly independent veteran turned personal trainer and a protective lawyer with a dangerous secret. It is part of a series but can be read as a standalone. And it most definitely has a happily ever after.

Warning: This book contains triggering situations including suicide, attempted suicide and depression.

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Tickled Pink - A Shattered Hearts Short story 

A short, floofy, fun, dip into the Shattered Hearts universe. 

Ziggy and BamBam have been dancing together with Tickled Pink for years, and have been flirting and hooking up for just as long. 


When BamBam proposes they make it official, the first thing that springs to Ziggy's mind is how ridiculous their names will sound together.

He kinda needs to just get over it!

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